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Why shopping loans are so popular


The holidays are almost here! People are more than excited to flock to malls to do their holiday shopping – if they haven’t done so online. And with the surge of shoppers comes the rise in usage of shopping loans.

Shopping loans allow for a convenient way to pay for purchases in installments. Shoppers don’t need to worry about making a one-time, big-time expense; with a shopping loan, they can make their payments more manageable.

Here are some reasons why shopping loans are so popular.

1. It helps spread out expenses for easier payments

A shopping loan can be helpful if you have to make a purchase that goes beyond your current budget. With the expense being spread out over a certain period of time, you and your wallet will be able to handle the shock of a big purchase.

2. It can be helpful in financing urgent purchases

At the same time, a shopping loan can be vital when it comes to emergencies. You don’t have to pool a certain amount of money in the face of an urgent purchase.

3. It has flexible loan terms

Like other loans, shopping loans offer flexible installment options, interest rates, loanable amounts, and loan durations.

4. We all have needs -- and wants

Admittedly, we all have our own needs and wants that require us to spend our money. Unfortunately, there are times when we come up short of funds, hence the need for shopping loans to cover the costs.

If you’re looking for a quick shopping loan with flexible terms, UnaPay has your back! With UnaPay Lazada Loans, you can avail of a shopping loan worth up to P50,000 with loan terms of up to six months and a 5% interest rate. What’s more, your monthly installment is divided into two dates, so you don’t have the burden of paying all at once.

You can get approved within five minutes, and you only need to submit a valid ID and a proof of income.

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