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Why should you partner with UnaPay?

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Now you’ve heard about UnaPay and the products and services that we are offering, how about exploring a loan partnership with us? Don’t worry: we’ve listed down the top five reasons why your company should be an UnaPay Salary Loans partner company.

Fast and easy access to funding

Admit it: nobody likes to wait for their money, especially when dealing with emergency situations. Also, having to submit lots of paperwork doesn’t help.

With UnaPay’s automated process, you can now get your loans in 24 hours. No need to wait in line with tons of documents either. Just submit your application form along with two valid IDs and you’re good to go.

Flexible terms and reasonable rates

UnaPay’s interest rates range from 0.5% to 2.5%, with a maximum loanable amount of P100,000 and a maximum loan term of 12 months.

No need to worry about heavy interest rates and rigid terms!

24-hour disbursement of funds

As we have said earlier, UnaPay can disburse your loan in 24 hours, so no need to lose sleep over unpaid bills, your salary not arriving on time, or securing funds when you need it the most.

Fewer application requirements

The same can be said for paperwork. UnaPay only requires an accomplished application form and two valid IDs, so no need to fret about acquiring lots of documents just to secure your loan.

Partner companies have no liability when an employee leaves

We really cannot control if and when an employee leaves the company. But when an employee leaves with an outstanding loan, who will shoulder the repayment?

Here at UnaPay, we do not hold our partner companies liable when an employee leaves an existing loan behind. Your former employee will still be responsible for repaying the loan.

Want to know more about UnaPay and how to be a partner company? Head over to to our website. It’s that simple!

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