Why Do We Shop Online?


This is the first thing you will probably hear when a motorcycle stopped in front of your gate. With the birth of e-commerce stores, most Filipinos got hooked on shopping for cheap and affordable items online.

It became a craze in no time. And with the sanitary protocols closing physical stores and people required to stay home, it quickly became a shopping staple. But why do people enjoy online shopping so much?

Here are 5 reasons why:


1. Connect - The internet is powerful and connects you with different merchants, even shops from the other side of the globe. It also helps you compare the items that you want to purchase.

2. Easy as 1-2-3 - Shop, buy, and viola! Receive your item right at your door with just a few clicks.

3. Great deals - Promos, discounts and anything more than you can imagine- buy one, take one promos, double-digit sales, and other great bargains.

4. Checkout Options - Online stores allow you to settle your bill in whichever way you find the most convenient- Cash on Delivery, Credit/ Debit Card, e-wallets, and more.

With the rising competition in the retail scene, multiple stores now offer several ways to check out items. Initially, retailers offered cash-on-delivery services which gave customers more time to prepare payments.

Another option that retailers provide is “Shop Now & Pay Later” for their customers. “Shop Now & Pay Later” is an installment payment option that customers can use for anything they need to purchase in the online shopping platform. Shoppers who want to treat themselves, but prefer the benefit of splitting their payments into several manageable installments can definitely enjoy this.

Lazada is the top online shopping site in the country who offers “Shop Now, Pay Later” schemes. With various accredited partners, Lazada online shopping loans provide a variety of products and convenient payment options to promote the true essence of their brand—effortless shopping.

Now, who’s ready to make their Lazada purchase through installments?

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