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What should you look for in a salary loan partner?

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There are so many salary loan companies out there. From the government to private lenders, all of them offer loan terms and conditions that can be tailored to every company. But what are the most important qualities that companies should look for in a salary loan partner?

1. Accessibility

Financial companies should be able to take advantage of every digital advancement that the world is enjoying today. That means having a website, social media accounts, and apps that customers can easily access especially in emergency situations.

They should also have customer service lines that customers can easily contact and would be able to handle every concern.

2. Fast loan disbursement

In these trying times, it greatly helps if lenders can quickly approve and disburse loans to its customers. As salaries can sometimes be delayed, employees need to have financial lines that are easily accessible to them.

No employee has to worry about having enough funds that will help them tide over until the next payday.

3. Offers flexible terms

Coming off from the previous point, employers should look for a salary loan partner that can grant them flexible loan terms and would allow their employees to loan large amounts without heavy interest rates.

4. Instant identity verification

A salary loan company should be able to offer e-KYC methods to their partner companies, especially allowing them to record selfies and submit requirements online. That way, partners would not have to submit too many documents or wait a long time for identity verification.

5. No liability when an employee leaves the company

Salary loan companies should absolve their partners of any liability when an employee leaves with an outstanding loan. Salary loan companies should deduct outstanding loans from employee backpay or directly contact the employee regarding their loan.

All of these qualities can be found in UnaPay! Our partner companies enjoy low interest rates, flexible loan terms, and loan disbursement within 24 hours. We also offer free financial literacy and wellness programs to our partner companies.

Head over to https://unapay.com.ph/business/company if you want to be an UnaPay partner company!

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