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Top Healthy Options While Working at Home


We are more than halfway through 2021 and while most companies are already allowing their employees to work onsite, most of our workforce still prefer to work from home since our safety protocols don't seem to be lighting up anytime soon. Some companies are even exploring permanent work from home set up for parts of their operations.

And while we’re waiting for things to get better, working from the safety of our homes seems to be the best option at the moment.

1. Rest your eyes in frequent intervals

Being in front of the computer for a long period of time can put a strain on your eyes. And when you’re not in front of the computer during your breaks, you’re on your phone. We can’t blame you. Those TikTok and YouTube videos can be pretty interesting. Add mobile games to the mix, and your eyes will never have a break. Over straining your eyes can develop serious headaches and long-term damage to your vision.


TIP: Dr. Mike Varshavski recommends following the 20-20-20 rule. “Stare at something from 20ft away for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes”. This exercise helps your eyes reset and refocus. Another way to lessen the effects of computer and cellphone use on your eyes is to get anti-radiation lenses even if you have 20/20 vision.

And make sure you have ample lighting in your work area. If it’s too dark, invest on a small lamp to lessen the strain it puts on your eyes.

2. Don’t forget to hydrate

Sitting for long periods of time, it can be hard to break pace when you’re already in “the zone” or or in “work mode”. But it is still important to keep yourself hydrated while working at home, especially when you eat sweet and salty food. And for those of you who live by “Milktea is life” or “Coffee is lifer”, it can be difficult to add water in your daily routine.

But drinking water has more benefits than just sending you to the toilet 10 times a day. It lessens the risk of water retention (manas) because of salty food, throat irritation because of eating or drinking too much sugar, and it keeps your skin from drying up from all the stress that comes with working from home.


TIP: Keep a water bottle near your work area and set alarms to remind you when you need to drink again. You can also install apps that monitor your water intake, as well as your overall diet. You can even take it one step further and infuse your water with fruits like berries, lemons, and mint leaves.

3. Lessen the junk...

With GrabFood, FoodPanda, and IG cookies, it can be tempting to just sit back and wait for your food to arrive. Though it is convenient, eating fast and processed food on a daily basis can be unhealthy.


TIP: Pitch in some fruits and nuts into your morning and afternoon merienda (yes, 2x merienda because food is life). Packed with vitamins and minerals, fruits and nuts boost brainpower to help you power through those reports like a pro minus the “sugar crash” that comes after eating sweet desserts. Talk about guilt free!

4. Stretch!

Sounds like a given, but stretching is mostly taken for granted. After sitting in meetings for hours at a time, muscles all over your body might feel stiff. Especially around your neck, lower back, and wrists. And if you’ve been ignoring this for a long time, it may lead to more serious problems like indigestion, trombosis, migraine, or carpal tunnel syndrome.

And there are some people who developed really bad backs and stiff necks that they have to regularly visit a physical therapist for the rest of their lives to fix their problems.


The good news is those problems can be avoided if you spare yourself a few minutes a day to stretch your body and let your blood flow.

TIP: After 1 to 2 hours of sitting in front of the computer, take a break to stretch your neck, back, arms, fingers, and legs. Slowly stretch your arms and legs until you feel tension in your muscles. Put careful attention to your neck muscles by tilting your head from side to side, taking time to feel the tension. Then draw a circle in the air with your nose. Remember, do this SLOWLY and don’t just pop your neck joints.

Next, stretch your entire arm and, using your other hand, pull your fingers towards you. Then do it in the opposite direction and the other arm. This will help prevent carpal tunnel.

And lastly, your lower back and legs. You can stretch both by doing a lunge and twisting your upper body to the same direction. For example, if you lunge your right leg forward, twist your upper body towards the right so your left shoulder is aligned with your right leg.

You may feel a bit of popping and cracking, but that’s alright! These simple stretches can help you feel more energized and focused at work.

5. Invest on ergonomic furniture

Ergonomic is a term we’ve seen and heard of for a while now but what does it really mean? It’s looking at how the human body works and what kind of relationship it has with its environment. Ergonomic furniture such as chairs and tables, allows you to work comfortably while lessening risks of muscle stiffness over an extended period of time.


Ergonomic chairs for example would have an S-shape back support, which follows the natural curve of your spine. It also provides support on your coccyx or tailbone while sitting. The chair’s height should also be adjustable to match your legs and sitting position.

That definitely beats a monoblock or folding chair.

6. Clean. Spray. Disinfect.

When we’re fighting an opponent we can’t see, we definitely cannot take out chances.


Disinfect deliveries, groceries, and clothes and accessories worn while going outside to make sure you’re not bringing in contaminated items. And don’t forget to clean surfaces that came into contact with items you bought from outside.

Spray alcohol on the soles of your shoes before going into your home. And most importantly, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before eating. It’s always better to lean on the safe side, because being sorry is just not an option.

Do you agree with our list? What healthy options have you practiced while working at home?

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