facebookTop 5 challenges that HRs are facing right now

Top 5 challenges that HRs are facing right now

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Now more than ever, human resources personnel have to balance between managing company matters and keeping employees happy and productive. Here are some HR challenges in the Philippines in 2021.

Maintaining a remote work set-up and exploring hybrid work set-up

Since the safety protocols were first implemented in March 2020, remote working began to take center stage in how companies conduct business. Despite the initial reluctance and many challenges of transitioning to remote work fast, many companies have now embraced the set-up as a way of moving forward. Some are even considering letting go of the traditional office spaces to allow employees more flexibility in exploring work set-up wherever.

The HR Challenge: Remote and isolated work spaces may not work for everyone, and prolonged isolated work may affect team dynamics and overall mental health of the employees.

Solution: Conduct team check ups or employee surveys on their work set-up satisfaction. You can also let employees answer the survey anonymously, in case they feel uncomfortable sharing feelings and information that can be traced back to them.

Employee safety and movement restrictions

Health and safety has always been a major concern among employees and employers alike, but even more so in the time of COVID-19. Restrictive measures to keep people safe from the virus make things ever more challenging, not just in the movement of personnel, but also the movement of information and equipment essential to employee performance.

The HR challenge: Keeping employees healthy and safe while working at home has dominated employee experience initiatives since safety restrictions have been implemented in early 2020.

Solution: Start and maintain discussions on additional incentives such as leaves for employees getting their vaccines on a weekday. Provide platforms for employees to discuss their most pressing needs and what kind of help they think the company can provide.

Employee retention

The HR Challenge: Investing money on hiring and retaining good talent is no easy feat, and it sure does hurt when employees leave for various reasons. Meanwhile, those who have remained employed are looking for ways to gain new skills.

Solution: Companies can offer career development programs and employee-centric incentives in order to attract valuable talent. These programs will also spur current employees to learn new skills that can help them become more productive and confident in themselves. Give the employees a clear career roadmap with a timeline so they can see their future in the company.

Financial support to employees

The HR Challenge: Incentives such as transportation allowance and internet subsidy doesn’t seem to be enough to address the financial challenges of employees. Despite exploring these incentives, employees are constantly plagued with financial emergencies, especially when friends or family members need immediate medical attention.

The Solution: Create programs that allow employees to apply for monetary aid in times of emergencies. Offer loans at low interest, such as UnaPay Salary Loans, as a way of helping employees tide over the crisis.

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