facebookOffer UnaPay Salary Loans as Financial Incentive to your Employees

Offer UnaPay Salary Loans as Financial Incentive to your Employees

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Now more than ever, financial incentives are valuable for employees. With the pandemic still affecting people’s financial standings, workers are devising ways to make every peso count and stretch their salaries as much as possible. Even though costs, like eating out and commuting have been lowered, “new normal” costs have crept up to take their place.

Become a partner company and start offering UnaPay Salary Loans to your employees in 3 easy steps!

1. Get in touch with us

Visit us at https://unapay.com.ph/business/company.

Fill out the form with your contact details and our team will get in touch with you to set up an initial meeting.

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2. Meet the Team!

Take this opportunity to discuss any questions and concerns you may have about UnaPay Salary Loans. From the requirements, benefits, and integration process.

Our team will be more than happy to discuss these concerns with you and walk you through UnaPay Salary Loans.

3. Integration and Onboarding

When you decide to take the next step and submit the required documents, your company will be onboarded and UnaPay Salary Loans can be integrated into the company’s processes.

Depending on how complicated the company’s processes are and the completeness of the required documents, integration and onboarding can take as short as a week to a month.

How does an employee apply?

Once the company has been onboarded, regular employees of the company can already apply for a loan. They only need:

    • A completed application form (can be submitted online)

    • 1 valid government ID

    • Company ID

The application will undergo verification by company HR and UnaPay.

Approved loans will be disbursed within 24 hours (business days). Rejected applicants may re-apply after 30 days.

Benefits of UnaPay Salary Loans

UnaPay Salary Loans provide employees with financial aid that allows them to pursue opportunities that improve their financial capacity (e.g. capital for small-medium business). Other benefits include:

    • Low interest rate

    • Flexible loan terms

    • No collateral, no additional or hidden charges

    • Less paperwork

    • Fast and easy integration and application

Be an UnaPay Salary Loans partner company today!

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