facebookRainy Day Tips | Budgetarian Ways to Your Rainy Day Essentials

Rainy Day Tips | Budgetarian Ways to Your Rainy Day Essentials


The wet season in the Philippines, around June to August, can be one of the most challenging seasons in our monsoon prone country. Not to mention the unexpected expenses that come with it.

Here are some ways to minimize your unexpected rainy day gastos and wait out the storm (pun intended).

1. Make a list of your essentials.

Our essentials can differ from one season to the next and it can be quite vexing to your budget to stock up on new supplies after your summer hoarding.

Sticking to your list would help you eliminate any unnecessary purchases.

2. Check your supplies.

Make an inventory of items that are still working, what needs to be repaired, and what needs to be replaced altogether and create a timeline when you need to. Sudden and unexpected repairs and replacements always catch you unprepared and you end up spending more on these items (and the labor if it’s major).

Do you need a new umbrella or do you still have the old ones fixed? Do you need new batteries for emergencies? Do you still have bandages for your first aid kit? Checking your supplies and making an inventory of the items you need would also make it easier for you to create a list of essentials that fits your budget.

3. Purchase multi-purpose items.

Let’s be honest. We have struggled with the weather more than once in a month. It can be sunny in the morning, while raining cats and dogs in the afternoon.

To shield yourself (and your budget!) from unexpected events, it would be better if you grab items that would work in both situations, like a windproof umbrella that’s also UV proof. If you’re already going to the office, even better if you can find items you can store in the office such as sealable bags to store spare clothes and extra shoes. Nothing beats dry clothes during the cold weather!

4. Big things first.

Always prioritize items in your list that have the biggest impact on your daily life. Leaky roof over rain boots, emergency radio over cell phones, and similar life choices.

Though they are equally important to have now, the long-term impact is different. This strategy would help you prioritize seemingly urgent items in your list and reduce it to something more manageable.

5. Shop your essentials in installments.

It can be quite a stretch if you need to prepare a lot of things before the rainy season. And when it’s really difficult to push your essentials in the budget, there’s still a way. Shopping in installments may not sound appealing, but it has its benefits. If you’re tight on cash in times of desperate need, installment plans offer the most enticing payment options that helps lighten the burden of paying the full amount straight out.

Compare different loan offers to see which one gives you the best options based on your current financial needs.

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