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A Shooting Star! Make a Wish!

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Have you ever seen a shooting star? Did you make a wish? 🙌

We’re not quite sure how and when this practice of wishing on shooting stars began. What we know is that there are people who believe in it; and there are those who don’t, mainly because they don’t feel like their wishes come true. And that is the UnaPay vision.

We believe in helping millions of people turn their dreams into reality. Dream phone? Dream sala set? Dream aircon? We gotchu fam!

With our simple and hassle free application and flexible payment options, we aim give you the ability to achieve your dreams

We decided to use a comet in our logo because we believe in shooting stars. As you may know, comets approach our planet only a few times in a century, but they leave glowing traces of gas and dust. Little pieces of these plumes - meteors - enter the Earth’s atmosphere everyday, and we can enjoy their beauty in the form of shooting stars. And just as one comet leaves a trail of millions of meteors shining in the sky, so is our vision to help millions of your dreams become reality - every day.

Make a wish, and we will make them come true! This is our #UnaPayVision

UnaPay wants to make things easier for you by providing an installment option that is straight forward and never misleading. We are about being your best shopping buddy by offering an extra hand when you want to buy the things you want, when you want it.

UnaPay is here to make those into reality.

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UnaPay is here to make those into reality.

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