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For most companies, employee experience is one of the most important aspects to keep talent engaged. The main objective is to optimize employee satisfaction that can easily translate to productivity.

Here are some examples of HR initiatives that enables employees to feel more included and valued in the company:

Conduct surveys and town halls

As always, everything starts with research. And what better way to gauge your employees’ opinions than with a survey? It doesn’t have to be fifteen pages long – a few yes/no or open-ended questions can do the trick.

If you’re looking for a more open experience, why not schedule a virtual town hall meeting? That way, bosses and HR personnel can provide an avenue for employees to openly discuss issues and provide recommendations on company programs and initiatives.

Be transparent.

Now that you’ve got feedback from your employees, why not share it back with them?

You will be able to clarify their answers and allow them to expound more on their personal employee experience. Doing this will show to your employees that you are willing to listen and learn from them too, not just the other way around.

Also discuss what changes are feasible based on the overall feedback of the employees. It is also best to discuss possible compromises if we cannot provide their immediate needs.


Once employee feedback is discussed, analyzed, and strategized, the next step would be to implement these changes. However, make sure that these changes and action on management and HR are clearly communicated to all levels in the company.

It is also highly recommended to include the data that drove these changes. Refer to the surveys conducted previously and what were the results, so employees can understand where you’re coming from as well.

Offer Financial Assistance Programs

No matter how prepared we are and how intensive our company incentive program is, there would still be times when an employee’s monthly salary is just not enough to cover emergencies.

Whatever the reason might be, offering financial assistance programs such as salary loans can help your employees weather through financial emergencies.

And that’s where UnaPay Salary Loans come in: with our flexible terms and reasonable rates, your employees will never have to worry about having insufficient funds for their needs.

Interested? You can be a partner company by going to https://unapay.com.ph/business/company If you’re an employee of an existing partner company, head over to https://unapay.com.ph/business/salary_loan.

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