We’re midway through 2021, and yet, we’re still far from things returning back to normal—from our old routines down to our monthly budget.

Finding ways to make ends meet has been one of the biggest issues during this pandemic. And the ayuda can only do so much to help us get through to the next paycheck.

Don’t worry, we got you covered. We listed 5 useful tips on how to stretch your budget to help us spend a little more wisely while waiting for things get better.

1. Adjust your lifestyle to your income.


When you’re looking for ways to make ends meet, you have to check your lifestyle. Are you still spending money like everything is normal during this pandemic? Maybe you can get rid of one thing that is hurting your budget- skip buying that dress that you won’t be able to use since gatherings & outings are still at a minimum.

2. Appreciate the simple things


This practice is not exclusive for the pandemic. They say that there’s beauty in simplicity. When you learn to appreciate simplicity, you will notice a big difference in your spending habits. Yep, a new sticker wouldn’t hurt. Nor would that car decal you’ve been drooling over.

But before you hit checkout, ask yourself if it’s a want OR if it’s a need. Is it something you can put off until your next windfall? Always ask yourself these questions multiple times before actually getting them.

Your old house which seemed lacking in appliances might start to look crowded, giving you an opportunity to sell unnecessary stuff.

3. Stick to your grocery list

Grocery List.png

Make a habit to make a grocery list. AND STICK TO IT. It’s either you forget something that you need OR you end up tons of stuff you barely even need. Because, let’s admit it. Roaming those aisles full of goods can be really tempting.

It will save you a lot of money if you identify what you just need before leaving your house. And while getting the things from your grocery list, start computing the amount using your mobile phone or small calculator to make sure that you’re just getting items that fit your budget.

4. Do It Yourself (DIY)


As much as possible, DIY anything new that you might need at home. With tons of online videos and blogs on how to DIY just about anything, at any time, anywhere, you can: sew your dress, paint your bedroom walls, or even cook your favorite restaurant meal.

You won’t only save money, but you also get to customize what you create to your preference and maybe even learn a new skill or two.

Just don’t fiddle with your own electricals, and you’d be safe.

5. Shop in installments


Well, sometimes there’s really no way we can avoid spending when we really, really need to get new items. A broken fan during summer is not a welcome idea either. One good thing that this pandemic introduced is a more convenient way of shopping online. Spending on shopping is also more tempting, and when you’re not careful (and mindful), you’d run out of cash before you even know it.

Unless you pay in installments. You heard that right! You can shop at online marketplaces like Lazada without cash and pay in installments. With the big discounts in Lazada, interest in installments will not hurt your wallet anymore - imagine buying a 50% off item and only paying 5% of installment interest, you still get a 45% discount, best thing about it is you get the item without having any cash. CRAZY right?

Lazada loan.jpg

Don’t have credit cards that offer installments? Apply for a shopping loan through this link unapay.com.ph/apply.

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